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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

long time no write

Hi everyone its me Slade sorry I have not been blogging lately it is just that I have been in school and have had lots of homework. For summer vacation I went to Texas. I went for my aunts wedding. I will try to blog at least once a week from now on. So here lately I've been really busy with my newborn sister. She has been taking up a lot of my time. My mom says I have been a big help because I have been changing diapers and feeding her. I really like that she is here but she has kept me up a couple times though. I am really exited that I went to Texas because the number one water park in the world is there it is called Shlitterbahn. And it is two miles from where I was staying!!!! I saved up to go there with my friends. My trip to Texas was fun!!!

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